Episode 19 – Defamatory

Would you believe that it took three tries to start this episode? We will never be a professional show. On this episode on the podcast, we have Gundams, novels and controversy to talk about. Our self-appointed Sakamoto, Nijibug, returns to make noises that no normal human should make. Also joining us is logo contest winner and lone Gundam fan, Nemicon.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 235 on Crunchyroll.

Episode 236 on Crunchyroll.

Japanese comic ranking for November 14-20.

New opening and ending in January.

Someone complained

Possible edits in the DVDs?

The interview with Sorachi from the 2nd character book. Thanks Ritz.

Gintama Translation Archive

This will help explain what an Itano Circus is.

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