Episode 20 – Fans And Slander

Wow. For some reason there were jet engines next to our mics during the entire recording and we somehow didn’t notice. I hope you won’t mind the audio quality because we have one hell of an episode for you. Bullet Beast of the Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast joins us to talk about Gintama. Friends of the show, please don’t be mad.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 237 on Crunchyroll.

Episode 238 on Crunchyroll.

Alright, #1.

OK, we are still in the top ten.

Alright, we are not even on the chart.

Well, this was a surprise.

For the love of Jeebus, don’t read too much into this post.

Here are the photos of the snack shop model.

Here is the wallpaper I have by the way.

3 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Fans And Slander

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