Episode 18 – Katsura Has Moves Like Jagger

Well, we decided to have an episode at an awkward time. Despite all the controversy, we are still going to bring you a hell of a show. Aritzen joins us again to go over the data she has collected over the past week. We would also like to introduce Margie, aka Ichigogyuunyuu, to the mix. The more people we add, the more the data is starting to look accurate. To find out what we mean by that, listen to the episode.

Download here

Show Notes


Episode 233 on Crunchyroll

Episode 234 on Crunchyroll

Fan’s depiction of how the live action series would look like.

Japan’s Animation DVD Ranking: October 31-November 6.

Japanese Comic Ranking, October 31-November 6.

Japanese Comic Ranking, November 7-13.

Initial article on episode 232 getting pulled.

Follow-up on the first article.

[UPDATE] This came out after we recorded but it would be best if we mention as soon as possible. TV Tokyo decided to pull the Gintama episode on its own.

Original launch sequence via nemicon.

Preview of next episode via TV Tokyo. Quick, before it gets pulled too.

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