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Episode 100 – This Is Not Fine

August 4, 2016

We finally made it to 100 episodes. We don’t know how we did it. But now here we are. Still being a terrible podcast about Gintama. Thanks for all the support. Here is us starting the new arc as we go through chapters 594-597.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:08:36 – News
0:12:12 – Manga Recap

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Show Notes

A look at the possible Gintama set.

Episode 99 – Misprint Umibouzu Amiibo

July 4, 2016

We have a great episode for you. We continue going through the Gintama manga as we read through chapters 589-593. We also go over the news about the live action movie being made. Then we get interrupted with the news about the anime being released on Blu-ray and DVD by Crunchyroll.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:41 – News
0:28:31 – Manga Recap
1:59:04 – Feedback

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Show Notes

Gintama getting a live action movie.

Crunchyroll to release anime on BD/DVD, includes Gintama.

The link to the Canada dub of Gintama. (Be sure to fresh the page a few times.)

Episode 98 – The Table Of Tears

June 12, 2016

The podcast is back and this time we are taking a small detour from manga. Colton, from Life Lesson, returns to talk with us about the fifth Gintama Original Soundtrack.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:08:23 – News
0:13:44 – OST 5

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Show Notes

Go support the release.

Anime fans pick their favorite robot thing.

Episode 97 – Yatoville

May 29, 2016

It looks like we are nearing the end of this arc. Now is a good time to go over this latest family affair and go over chapters 583-588 of the manga.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:00 – News
0:07:20 – Manga Recap

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Show Notes

Gintama hits the 50 million print copy milestone.

Special: A Life Lesson While We Wait

May 24, 2016

While we are getting ready to get our next episode ready, Doctor makes a guest appearance on Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast to talk with fellow podcast buddy, Josh Dunham of Senpai Coast to Coast, to talk about his experience watching the first season of the Gintama anime.

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Show Notes

Full notes on this episode are on the Life Lessons site.

Episode 96 – Our Battle Has Only Just Begun

April 10, 2016

We once again bid farewell to the anime, for now. We finish our review on the Farewell, Shinsengumi Arc in the anime as we talk about episodes 314-316. We also continue the Rakuyou Arc in the manga as we go through chapters 579-582.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:04:18 – News
0:09:22 – Anime Recap
1:19:21 – Manga Recap

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Show Notes

DVD ranking for March 21-27.

Blu-Ray ranking for March 21-27.

Manga rankings for March 14-20.

MTV 81’s report on the recent Gintama Kokugikan Arena event.

Episode 95 – The End Is Near

March 18, 2016

On a very heavy news episode of the podcast, we go over the beginning of the Farewell Shinsengumi arc in the anime with episodes 308-313. We also go over some manga with chapters 577-578. Oh an we talk about the anime and manga ending. Fun.

0:00:00 – Intro
0:02:26 – News
0:31:20 – Anime Recap
1:49:24 – Manga Recap
2:26:26 – Feedback

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Show Notes

The beginning of the Farewell Shinsengumi arc on Crunchyroll!

The last arc of the manga will begin this year.

The anime will end is March.

Anime rock festival featuring artist from the anime.

Gintama’s first cellphone game.

The strongest kids in anime a manga.


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