Episode 58 – This Is For All You Lovers Out There

Sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties. We are back and this is a big one. Aritzen has returned from her to trip to Japan and she is here to talk about it. She goes over the different sights she saw, the J-World amusement park, and about some movie called Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya. We hear it is pretty good. Plus, whatever news that has been piling up for the past couple of weeks.

For those of you planning to go to Otakon August 9-11, myself, Doctor, will be attending the con. I wanted to try some sort of Gintama fan meetup during the weekend. If you guys feel like saying hi, send us an email or send me tweet at @GintamaPodcast.

Download here

Show Notes

Aritzen’s full post on her trip to Japan.

Crunchyroll app coming to PS Vita.

Gintama costumes in God Eater 2.

Gintoki and Tama 3D mouse pads.

The first J-Stars Victory VS preview.

J-World opens.

The food of J-World.

Japanese Comic Rankings for the week of June 30-July 6, July 7-13, July 14-20.

The Final Gintama movie earned 40% more than the first movie.

Latest Gintama movie commercial shows off more footage.

The first couple of minutes of the new Gintama movie.

The Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter exhibit in Osaka.

Get your Elizabeth mask now.

Maybe the Gintama anime will come back?

Ginpachi-sensei novels ending.

Curse of the Colonel.

You will need this as a reference.

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