Episode 57 – The Mayonnaise Standard

The new Gintama movie is out in Japanese theaters and we are not going to talk about it right now. We want to give it a little time to sizzle before we talk about it on the show. Until then, we bring you more manga reviews as we go through chapters 449-451 of the Gintama manga.

Download here

Show Notes

More Mameshiba goodies.

New Ichiban Kuji prizes for the new movie.

Gintoki will be in the J-Stars Victory Vs. video game.

BEAMS offers Gintama augmented reality shirts.

Moviegoers get a Gintama Volume 0…memo pad.

Gintama popcorn. We will review it if you send it to us.

Gintama live action tribute poster.

Sugita cosplays himself.

More photos of Sugita as Gintoki.

Videos of the Gintama cast interviews for the new movie.

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