Episode 32 – Track 14

This is obviously our longest episode so far. We go through the first Gintama Original Soundtrack. We talk about the music that makes this show turn from a wacky adventure to a depressing drama, track by track.

Just a reminder, Anime Expo is next week. We have no panel but we will make the most of it. Be sure to follow the Just A Gintama Podcast twitter for any updates during the con.

Also, be sure to vote on the next Gintalady we talk about. Poll is located on the right side of the site.

Download here

Show Notes

The Gintama Movie is out or at least has been out for a while.

Gintama’ DVD volume 5 cover.

Yorinuki Gintama-san IN FABLUOUS 2D!!!!!!!!!

Banpresto’s Ichiban Kuji prize figures.

1 thought on “Episode 32 – Track 14

  1. Okay, i listened to the episode yesterday night, and i loved it! The quality was fantastic!
    And dont worry about forgetting the names, im not different lol.
    if i had to chose a favorite song out of these, i would certainly go with the prince hata ost,
    soo… count me in for the beatbox thing! xD

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