Episode 31 – Tsukuyo Is Anne Hathaway

Good morning everyone. Well, we are sure it is morning somewhere in the world as you read this post. Despite being tired, sick and unprepared, we are bringing you the next installment in our Gintalady spotlight feature. This time we are covering the moon of Yoshiwara, Tsukuyo.

For those of you attending Anime Expo later this month in June, Doctor will be there with a possible panel (don’t get your hopes up). Regardless, if you are going to be going, leave a comment on here or send us an email. It would be cool if we set up a gathering of Gintama fans again.

Download here

Show Notes

The beginning of the Yoshiwara arc.

The beginning of the Red Spider arc.

Drunk Tsukki.

The New Year’s/Valentine’s Day episode.

The beginning of the Scandal arc.

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