Episode 27 – Sorry

So, now it’s time so say goodbye or maybe just see you later. The anime has come to a close…again. Obviously, this is going to be a rough time for the podcast but we are going to make sure that you will get the same kind of stupidity that you have come to expect from us. Wipe away your tears and take listen as we cover the last episodes of the Gintama anime.

For those of you who are attending Anime Boston, we happy to announce that our panel has been accepted. After some negotiation after this episode was recorded, the panel is now set for 10am on Saturday. If you are going to our “Gintama Fan Meet-up Thing That Is Still Happening Even Though We Now Have A Panel…Yeah”, it will be held at 2pm on Saturday in the Boylston Street entrance lobby, near the escalators.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 251 on Crunchyroll

Episode 252 on Crunchyroll

Sentai Filmworks will consider getting more of the Gintama anime if the movie sells well.

Update to the G.E.M. figure polls.

Aniplex’s 2nd Gintama Radio CD.

Ganbare for Japan.

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