Episode 26 – Best Way To Start Year Two

Guess this starts year two of the podcast. This will be a rough year. We go over some sort of alarming news and talk about the recent anime episodes, 249 and 250. Aritzen was only able to stay on for half of the episode but we are glad to have her on despite us distracting her from work. You should also be seeing the new poll on the site that she helped make.

For those of you attending Anime Boston, we remind you that our “Gintama Fan Meet-up Thing Because We Don’t Have A Panel…Yeah” event will be happening at 2pm Eastern on April 7th (card subject to change).

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 249 on Crunchyroll.

Episode 250 on Crunchyroll.

Pre-order the Gintama the Movie on DVD or Blu-ray over at Amazon.

Volume 9 of Gintama’ comes out March 21.

Gon taking the current Gintama time slot in April.

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