Episode 23 – Thank You Based God

Yo. New episodes are out. We now begin the Thorny Arc. Bullet Beast of the Unofficial Hunter x Hunter Podcast makes his triumphant return to the podcast. With him being the first podcast guest to return to the show now puts him at demigod status. Aritzen also stops by for a minute to announce an event that already happened. We love being timely.

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Show Notes

Episode 243 on Crunchyroll

Episode 244 on Crunchyroll

Hideaki Sorachi’s salad interview. Brought to you by Aritzen.

Buy your own personal Shinpachi.

The cover for Volume 43 of the manga.

Gintama Best 2 wins Animation Album Gold Disk Award.

So a bunch of Japanese voice actors will be doing covers of various Disney songs.

Here is a taste of what you will get.

1 thought on “Episode 23 – Thank You Based God

  1. I love that in this episode Foxy makes a comment about buying cigarettes and porn from a vending machine then going to the bathroom to smoke and jerk off. And the way she says this is so calm and cool, it seems like she’s talking about an ordinary everyday accurrance. But the best part is that nobody in the podcast seemed to find this comment as a joke or out of place, and from what I can only assume, everybody silently agreed and accepted this as reality.

    Just A Gintama Podcast.
    They smoke and porn it up!!

    – BOYWEC

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