Episode 22 – Host Stalker. Host Car. Nanyate?!

OK. This is the first “regular” episode of 2012. Yes. Let’s go with that. We talk about the return of our favorite hosts and the inspiration behind our stolen catchphrase. We also attempt to make embarrassing noises in our feedback section.

We have already announced this on Twitter some time ago but we are going to be going to Anime Boston in April. So if you have any plans on going, please email to us at GintamaPodcast@gmail.com. We want to see if we can actually get a fan meetup of some sort. We are also planning to doing a Gintama panel while we are over there but let’s not get our hopes up.

Also, if you want another way to leave feedback we have a voice mail number: 954-324-7722. This number is being shared with all of the other podcasts in our umbrella so just say you are leaving a message to Just A Gintama Podcast and you may hear your voice on the show. Or you can just ask us on Skype that you want to be on the show. Whichever is less embarrassing for you.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 241 on Crunchyroll

Episode 242 on Crunchyroll

That Awesomousse post from the last episode.

The article itself is not in 1080p.

Does this count as getting in the TV ranking?

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