Episode 144 – It’s Always Sunny In Kabukicho

After some delay, we are able to finally bring you our last episode of 2018 and it is a special one. With the Gintama series moving to a new magazine, we decided to celebrate by talking about the worst parts of Gintama. We bring you a new Countdown episode covering our Top 5 Worst Gintama Stories/Arc/Episodes. Did you think we would talk about something else?

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0:00:00 – Intro
0:05:53 – Countdown

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Show Notes

The Weekly Shonen Sunday Talkback Blog

Episode 82 – Pick Your Favorite Baby

The new season of the Gintama anime is almost upon us. We are joined by Colton of Life Lessons: The Gintama Manga Cast to count down our Top 10 Anime Episodes (so far).

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Show Notes

New extended promo for the new anime season.

ANN readers are excited for Gintama.

Episode 74 – The Unofficial Gintama Character Poll 2014

The countdown is back with a whole new list of stuff to talk about. On this episode, we list our top 10 characters in Gintama and, as a special bonus, we gathered a secret academy to decide who is the best character in the entire series. The results may surprise you.

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Show Notes

Spanish dub for Gintama.(Site is in Spanish)

New Gintama character book coming in October.

Episode 54 – Superpants

We got a new episode of the podcast out. We bring to you the next entry to our Countdown series. On this episode, we talk about our Top 10 Opening Theme Songs of the Gintama anime. We also had a little help from our friend and creator of our podcast logo, Sparticus.

As mentioned on the actual episode, we will be having a panel this year at Anime Boston. The current time and date of the panel is Saturday May 25 at 11:30 AM in room 309.

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Show Notes

Japanese DVD Ranking April 29 – May 5.

Japanese Comic Ranking April 28 – May 4.

New Cospa Gintama items.

Sugita is naked for some reason.

Episode 44 – Countdown Begins

For no reason what so ever, the topic of this episode was hidden during the recording. Here is a spoiler: We are talking about our Top 10 Ending Theme Songs of the Gintama anime. The actual songs would have been added during the editing but it was already recreated live in the recording so there was no need. By recreated, we mean hummed during the recording.

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Show Notes

Gintama Volume 47 cover.

The DVDs for the Kintama arc. Coming Dec. 19.

Yorinuki 2D “Shinsengumi Rebellion Arc” on Sale Jan. 23 and Yorinuki 2D “4 Devas Arc” on Sale Feb. 27.

Top selling manga volumes that are not One Piece.

Top selling manga series for all of 2012.

Clearly everyone on Biglobe watches Gintama.

Project Versus J coming to PS3 and Vita.

New ending song coming in January. The song is “Expect” by PAGE.

Full list of opening and endings.

Yorinuki ED 4.

Bleach ending 20.