Episode 76 – So, Madaocon Happened

Wow. So, we did a thing last week. We hope everyone enjoyed Madaocon because we are going to be talking about it for the majority of the episode. We also talk about chapters 511-514 of the manga.

Download here

Show Notes

Go see the replay of Madaocon while you still can.

Fandub thread on YS.

1 thought on “Episode 76 – So, Madaocon Happened

  1. You know, I didn’t realize until like this year how a lot people really wanted a serious arc for Gintama. I’m one of the fans who don’t really care, because when Gintama is serious or just being Gintama, it’s great either way. But this arc…it’s just…weird? Not the content of the arc, but more so of it’s placement in the story. It really came out of nowhere. Not only is the placement of the arc arkward, but the introduction of some of the characters feel awkward, forced and unwanted.
    Without the anime to boost sales, I think Sorachi’s editor is forcing him to do a serious arc. But not just any serious arc, one with villains he has been dick teasing for years now. It’s pretty obvious it’s meant to increase Gintama’s volumes sales and popularity, but it’s really hard for me to enjoy it or even have to urge to read it right now.

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