Episode 64 – Gedomaru and Ketsuno Ana Are Finally Remembered

We have the first podcast of 2014 and we are starting off strong. After putting it back for so long, we are now able to release that Gintaladies episode we were promising for the past couple of months. On this edition, we talk about Gedomaru and Ketsuno Ana.

Download here

Show Notes

Japanese comic rankings for December 2-8, 9-15, and 16-22.

Blu-ray rankings for December 16-22.

DVD rankings for December 16-22.

Weekly Shounen Jump spine thread.

1 thought on “Episode 64 – Gedomaru and Ketsuno Ana Are Finally Remembered

  1. When Biki mentioned that Ketsuno Ana had a figure in the show. I thought what if we had a figure of a famous weather person, then I thought Al Roker figures. Al Roker figures! Get the fat version, get the “He’s kinda skinny, I guess” version! Gift them to your kids, and give them nightmare fuel! Get your Al Roker figure, TODAY!

    But glad to see you guys survived 2013. Welcome to 2014! You guys keep up the awesome.


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