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Episode 62 – Came Back To Plot

November 12, 2013
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So, we have been gone for a small month. Sorry about that. You can blame certain cable providers. Either way, we have a whole story arc that has been building since we have been gone.

Thought we would take the time and advertise the Yorozuya Soul Movie 2 Campaign. We mentioned it during the recording but we wanted to make sure that people get the message. Let’s try to get this dumb movie over here.

Download here

Show Notes

The Gintama Matsuri 2013 Event debuted at #3.

Who doesn’t want paper figures of the Gintama characters?

Elizabeth-shaped bun flavor revealed.

Justaway wins another race.

Kagura is ONLY a support character in the new J-Stars Victory Vs. game.

Gintama at Animate Girls Festival 2013.

Gintama at J-World Tokyo 2013.

Gintama didn’t win a poll for once.

History Lesson Part 1.

History Lesson Part 2.

In case you were wondering if this ad was signalling the return of the anime…

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