Episode 55 – The Darkest Timeline

We got a packed show for you. We go over chapters 443-445. We talk about the news of the new movie trailer. Plus, we bring you our coverage of Anime Boston 2013. Roll the dice and take a listen.

Download here

Show Notes


Our full panel at Anime Boston 2013.

They didn’t name that gorilla Hideaki.

Concept art for J-World Tokyo.

Gintama highjacks Mameshiba’s site.

Elizabeth three foot plushie.

Kybubei figure coming out in October.

Animate USA store has more Gintama items.

The last DVD of the anime is out.

Ginpachi Sensei’s author will be writing a Movie 2 book.

Japanese comic ranking for May 5-11.

Comic ranking for May 12-18.

Gintama the Movie will be premiering on Neon Alley.

A closer look at some of the new character designs from the movie.

More movie 2 character designs.

Mini-figures from the second movie.

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