Episode 53 – Hideaki Of The Jungle

So this is what it is like when we cover the manga exclusively. Feels a bit different. On this episode we go over chapter 442 of the Gintama manga. Next time on the podcast, we will be doing another Countdown episode. We decided that it would make sense to do our top 10 openings of the anime since we already did our top endings. So, there you go. If you want to send a list of your favorite openings, this chapter or anything else, send us an email over at GintamaPodcast@gmail.com.

Download here

Show Notes

Volume 49 of the Gintama manga is out now in Japan. Here is the cover via @habisan

Third DVD of this last season is out in Japan.

OST for the second Gintama movie will be out on July (not June) 3th.

Tae will be pissed.

A baby gorilla may be named after Hideaki Sorachi.

SPYAIR will perform the theme song for the second Gintama movie.

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