Episode 51 – We Hate This Show

Well, it’s over. Again. Now we have to start making stuff up again for the show. Who knows? Until then, we got episodes 264 and 265 of the anime to cover. If you are on the site, you should see a new poll up on the right side. Be sure to vote on that so we can decide if we want to take the next step for this podcast.

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Show Notes

Episode 265 on Crunchyroll.

Episode 265 on Crunchyroll.

Teasers for the new movie.

More info from the movie’s website.

DVD rankings for March 11-17.

More DVD rankings for March 25-31.

Gintama co-promotes car insurance.

Elizabeth ice statue at ACE 2013.

April Fools. Gintama style.

Pixiv’s reaction to the current arc in the manga.

1 thought on “Episode 51 – We Hate This Show

  1. Time stamped 1:17:20 to 1:17:55. At 1:17:56, is the moment when all my collective shit was broken. Everything had to be paused, I was like “holy shit, is the japanese VA for Big Boss and Gol D. Rodger the same?” When I found out it is, is when I had one hell of a holy shit moment. Someone give Doctor the crown, you are now the king of Inception.

    Sorry for the non-Gintama comment. If it helps, I have a GintaMention floating in Twitter.

    You guys keep up the great work, and all the Inception.


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