Minisode 17 – Hideaki Sorachi Kidnapped Penelope Pitstop

Hey everyone. We found a loophole in our last episode when we said our next episode would be a Gintaladies episode. We never said we couldn’t do a minisode before it. So, since the holidays are here, we will have to take a small break before we can record more shows. Until then, we have a bunch of news we thought we should talk about before it becomes irrelevant.

Download here

Show Notes

New anime opening by SPYAIR coming in January.

With that, the new arc, Courtesan of a Nation (Ikkoku Keisei), will begin on January 10.

Japanese Comic Rankings for December 3-9.

Japanese Comic Rankings for December 10-16.

Now that they are being more active, be sure to follow Sentai Filmworks on Twitter.

Or you can like Sentai Filmworks on Facebook.

Episode 138C on Crunchyroll.

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