Episode 43 – This Was Suppose To Be A Minisode

We finally get back to talk about old episode by covering the next batch of episode from season 4. We also talk about this sort of stupid awesome project we are going to be working over the next few months, MADAOcon. If you want to know more, or get involved, listen to this episode and write to us over at GintamaPodcast@gmail.com.

Download here

Show Notes

MADOCON 0: Worldwide Global Gintama Virtual Summit.

The Gintama Classic contest on Crunchyroll.

The third preview video of Gintama no Sogoroku.

Voice actors announced for the new characters in the game.

Via Manga Therapy, chicks dig Gintama.

Photos of the new GEM figures.

Gintoki confirmed as a Stand user.

Shonen Jump Alpha will be going simultaneous with Japan on January 21, 2013.

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