Episode 40 – Nobody Reads The Manual

Sorry for lying to you about there being a Gintaladies episode. Until then, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program. On this episode of Just A Gintama Podcast, we cover episode 254 and 255 of the anime. We also go over the latest news and read your feedback.

Download here

Show Notes

Japanese Comic Ranking, October 1-7.

Japanese Comic Ranking, October 8-14.

Male and Female Fans Name The Same Gender Anime Character They Find Most Annoying.

Gintama having an event at Jump Festa 2013.

Kintama OP Single Cover art.

Sci-Fi London confirm November 10th Anime All-Nighter line-up.

Jump NEXT! Interview with Sorachi-sensei and Anime Director Fujita Yoichi
Aritzen version.
Yorozuya Soul version.

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