Episode 35 – Are You S Or M?

We turn ten minutes of material into over worth of talk. We go through loads of news and read some of your feedback. Consider this another one of our happy accidents.

Download here

Show Notes

Gintama The Movie will be released on DVD in the UK on December 24, 2012 via Manga Entertainment. Preorder NOW!

Manga UK confirms the movie release will have both the sub and dub.

Ooedo Gintama Land 2012 Report. Via Yorozuya Soul.

Gintama Sakura Matsuri 2011 DVD.

Japanese Comic Ranking, July 9-15.

Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 23-29

Japanese Animation DVD Ranking, July 30-August 5.

Japanese Fans Pick The Most Fascinating Anime.

Japan Fans Name The Anime Most Likely To Convert You Into An Otaku.

Japanese Fans Name the Most Laugh Out Loud Funny Anime.

Who Is Japan’s Favorite Sadist Character?

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