Episode 29 – Exclusive

We wrote down a list of names. That’s it. Here is an episode talking about said list as well as more news and feedback from our listeners. Go pre-order the Gintama movie if you haven’t already.

Download here

Show Notes

The English dub cast list of the Gintama movie. Anyone else report on this yet?

Old news of Madman getting the rights to the Gintama movie.

Results of the G.E.M. figure poll.

Okita forms his own talent agency.

BFI listings for the June anime schedule.

Shonen Jump Alpha May Survey.

Free May calender from Shonen Jump.

Kids Station rebroadcasting Gintama.

Otakon 2012 Panel Survey.

Studio photo.

6 thoughts on “Episode 29 – Exclusive

  1. such a long podcast. how could you come up with so much material! btw i laughed at how you miss-said Blackflash’s name. i do that alllll the time (no offense blacky ^^’) also, I’m a new fan. just discovered you yesterday. keep up the awesome work! =D

  2. “Please don’t send us spam mail”

    That was directed towards me. LOL. Sorry guys, I was just funning ya.

    But other than that, what a day that was. I was not expecting to get the BluRay that soon, but I glad it did.

    If this has taught me anything, its ALWAYS BUY FROM RIGHTSTUF.

    I look forward to providing you guys with news again, but I know that won’t be happening for a while if not ever again.

    Yall keep up the great work.


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