Episode 24 – Vote For Ikumatsu

Turns out that everything didn’t go exactly as planned so we are just going to ignore what was said in the latest minisode’s notes. Nijibug comes back alone to get abused and to talk about episode 245 and 246 of the Gintama anime.

If you listened to the episode and noticed the title, we want everyone to vote for Ikumatsu in the Megahouse figure survey. We want to see how far this reaches everyone. After you vote, make sure to leave a #gintamention on Twitter along with the hashtag: #gem_gintama. You could even add #gintamention to the premade tweet that is made from pressing the yellow button that has the word twitter on it. This will be our way of trolling back the series that has trolled us for so many years.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 245 on Crunchyroll.

Episode 246 on Crunchyroll.

Aya Hirano is still working.

Gintoki is still popular.

DVDs are still doing well.

Just press the red button at the bottom.

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