Minisode 9 – 95% Glasses, 3% Water, 2% Garbage

This episode was actually intended to be only thirty minutes, we ended up doubling that time. For this minisode, we will be going through episodes 151 to 163. We decided to only go as brief as possible through all the episodes. We felt it would give people who haven’t seen them a bit of incentive. We are also bringing back our ongoing segment, Super Shinsengumi Time. This time talking about the man who inspired our favorite glasses wearing straight-man, Nagakura Shinpachi.

Download here

Show Notes

The beginning of the Yorozuya Barber arc.

Kagura can’t sleep.

The debut of Oguri Shunnosuke.

The horse racing episode.

The street vendor episode.

The beginning of the Fanclub War arc.


In case you are wondering who Foxy was referring to.

Artzen’s translation of Gintama 3Z volume 4.

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