Episode 9 – Okaeri

After a small vacation, we have returned home. On this episode, we talk about why we were gone in the news, finally finish up the 4 Devas Arc in the anime and read some feedback about said arc. For some reason, someone decided to have a block party in Foxy’s neighborhood during the recording. Due to that, some of the audio is not in the best quality so we wanted to apologize for that.

If I did everything correctly, you should be seeing a poll on the right side of the site. We want to know how current we need to be for our listeners since not everyone is able to watch the simulcasted episode the day it airs. We will continue the pace we are on for now until we notice a significant change in the poll. It is up to you.

One final note about the logo contest: Those who need to be contacted will be contacted soon.

Download here

Show Notes

Episode 214

Episode 215

Volume 40 cover

Possible new movie? Let’s wait and see.

Oricon ranking for June

Sparticus’s link about the meaning behind Gintama’ 2nd ED

The second ending for Yorinuki Gintama-san

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