Episode 2 – Welcome Back


In this episode we talk about episode 202 of the anime as well as read some feedback. Also, we start up a contest for a proper podcast logo. The only rule is that you need to incorporate a Justaway in the picture. One of the prizes is being able to join us in an episode. It’s not much for now, but it is something.

Download here

Show Notes

Tony Yao’s post on the Gintama manga ending.

Episode 202 on Crunchyroll.

The new opening.

The new ending.

Next episode preview.

1 thought on “Episode 2 – Welcome Back

  1. The phrase you are looking for of what you think the rest of the cast is doing to Shinpachi is called gaslighting. It means to deliberately mess with someones sense of reality to drive them insane. The word comesfrom a famous movie from the 40s.

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